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Serenity support workers are here to work with you to support your child. We are passionate about working with kids with neurodivergence - we believe that, though children with Autism or ADHD, for example, may face difficulties that neurotypical children do not - these "differences" can** also be strengths. 


Support work is needs-based - we love working on social skills, tutoring, mentoring, providing transport assistance, and more!


We have a fantastic team onboard with a range of special interests & skills who would love to connect with you. 

How to Book Your Support Worker

** (This is not to invalidate those with a disability who renounce the "Autism is a superpower" stereotype.  Our founder, Denali, credits her neurodivergence to many of her struggles - but also to her greatest strengths. This is her experience, and she sees this is many families she works with. As we know - Autism, ADHD and other neurodiversities are not a "one size fits all").

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