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Serenity believe we need to #ListentoAutisticAdults - because Autistic children become Autistic adults. 


Our founder is a young neurodivergent woman herself - we will never discredit lived experience as being any less important than clinical advice in guiding our support services.


This is why we support What's the Buzz? - Mark Le Messurier has that lived experience and has been able to translate that into an empirically proven program.

#ActuallyAutistic adults - we see you, and we’re always open to learning - and to criticism. 

We work with parents of ND kids - many who are ND themselves - but some who are not. 

There is a divide in the autism community between autistic adults and parents of children with autism, and we’re hoping to help bridge that divide by sharing information between the two groups & highlighting the importance of mutual respect, understanding, and acknowledgement of valid lived experience.

We look forward to continued learning from #ActuallyAutisticAdults and sharing this with the awesome parents we work with ✨

Are you an #ActuallyAutisticAdult?

We want to hear your perspective & share it with our community.

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