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Introducing... Spectrum Writing

We've asked some of our favourite providers to share a bit more about what they do and have put together some short blogs to share their services far and wide!

Business Name - Spectrum Writing

Service - An autism-specific service that teaches creative writing, miniature figure painting, and provides mentorships and social Dungeons & Dragons games.

My why - As a professional author with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I wanted to provide something to other creatives with ASD that I'd so desperately needed when I was younger. It's all about paying it forward to the future storytellers, helping them avoid all the pitfalls I ran into face first, and giving them a tribe and a voice.

My favourite part of my “job” is… encouraging writers to chase their dreams and helping to unleash their creative potential. Also, playing LOTS of Dungeons and Dragons (which is storytelling with dice and figurines and so much fun).

A fun fact about me is… I have twice been a state finalist in the Karaoke World Championships, and love to belt out a tune or two!

Favourite quote - Marilyn Munroe "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

Want to learn more about Spectrum Writing?

Feel free to ring on 0407520503, email or visit their website at to register for one of our services.

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