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Introducing... Max

We managed to stumble across this amazing little boy and his story and are so pleased to be able to share more. Huge thanks to his mum, Nicole, for helping us share!

Our Story

Our story started quite some time back however it’s really been the last 2 years of tremendous leaps & huge steps backwards. We have 2 children 5 & 8 both with special needs.

Ari 5 – was born overseas where hearing tests were just a clap above the babies face if they respond they can hear, half the time the response is to the movement not the sound which was our case but we weren’t to know that at the time. This resulted in significant delays due to lack of hearing. Ari falls under NDIS with delayed developmental & is currently now on a waiting list for a full assessment due to Max’s findings.

Max 8 – Born here but spent many of his earlier years living abroad. We had always suspected dyslexia & a lot of the other issues of losing his grandmother & great grandmother. When he was finally 7 we had a full assessment done which detected not only Dyslexia but ASD, dyscalculia, auditory processing disorder, associated trauma due to the passing of his grandmother, anxiety, empth & perfectionist traits. Combine his difficulties & perfectionism it’s caused significant issues & self-doubt/worth along the way. Currently we only have around 30 hours of professional help over 2 years, we are hoping this will be assessed & Max can receive the professional support he needs alongside our own help with his needs at home.


Polymer clay – clay earrings, necklaces, bracelets & car diffusers and am sure he’ll make more things as his skills develop

Our why?

We stumbled on this by accident however Max really took it to the next level. I had the clay at home and Max thought it was playdough, he asked if he can help me make my trinket trays, I suggested something smaller & that’s how we got started.

He spent about 2.5 hours crafting & when he was finally done with the first lot he said “Mum I feel so relaxed” that is the first time in a long time I had heard those words & seen him so calm, so just like that I supported that & encouraged it.

I put what he had made on my own website & a post on a Facebook local community page & it was the support of our community that really led us to today.

He crafts at least 4 times a week & absolutely loves it, he's sold out twice & has his first of 6 markets this weekend at the Adelaide Festival Centre. The money of course is a bonus as it allows him to keep going but it's the lessons he is learning which is giving us the greatest impact. It helps with his reading as we read all the message together & the names for deliveries, it covers his sensory needs by touch, social skills and really so many more.

A fun fact about Max is…

Max has a super witty personality around adults & is always cracking “Dad” jokes, his first best friend was an Elephant who near almost every day we’d go feed, one of the benefits of living abroad.

Favourite quote

Good learners make mistakes

Want to learn more about Max and his products?

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